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My story began 50 years ago, when Richard Bandler and I were teaching Gestalt at university in California. We invited John Grinder to add more structure to our theories. Together we've formalized the Meta Model, which is known as NLP.

My focus became business consulting. I was working in fields with large number of companies, corporations and states governments, with real people in real situations. In 2002 I've founded a consulting company for organizational development - Pucelik Consulting Group.

Currently, I am a personal coach and consultant for top officials, companies and corporations, I'm training more than 2000 people in groups yearly as one of Top-100 US business-trainers.
John Grinder and Frank Pucelik


An extremely insightful and riveting read for anyone interested in NLP. John and Frank and each of the other contributors give their own personal account of this period of collaboration when something magical was happening in northern California.

The Origins of NLP bring together the recollections and thoughts of some of the main protagonists from the very early days of NLP.
We were rebels. We didn't like people telling us what we couldn't do. All of us believed that if you just figured out how to do something you could do anything.
Your observation skills are the key to everything else you do.

Frank Pucelik has provided training services to a large number of state and private agencies in numerous countries of the world.

E-mail: Kyiv-info@FrankPucelik.com
mobile: +38 (067) 484 38 39


E-mail: Kyiv-info@FrankPucelik.com
+38 (067) 484 38 39

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