NLP Practitioner,
October 24 - November 4, 2018,
Kazakhstan, Astana
Expanding of your boundaries and modeling of personal success
on the training by Frank Pucelik "NLP Practitioner"

We will not assure you that after the training you will become a specialist of the world-class in your area of activity. Most likely it won't happen. But you will greatly improve your results. And that we firmly guarantee you.

Why should you learn from Frank:

Management of emotions
Some emotional states increase your efficiency and productivity and some of them destroy you from the inside. The quality of our day, week, years and the whole life depends on our mood. That's why it's very important to understand and manage our mood. Learn to motivate yourself and other people.

Control of thinking
The brain is not able to protect itself from its own generated ideas. You give the person exactly the information, in the necessary volume, for him to make his own conclusions and start to act, according to his prejudice.

Effective Communication
How well people around you understand you, and how fast you can find an approach to each interlocutor depends on your speech. As well as how successful are the transactions and sales, as well as the matter of people's readiness to follow you. Learn to establish the contact with a person at any level and solve any conflicts.

Conscious awareness
After receiving the skill of introspection and analysis of people around you, you will understand the algorithm of success deeper. Your actions will become meaningful and be more conscious. You will learn to think wider, understand people's actions and the reasons why they occur.

Who will benefit from mastering NLP technologies:
Business owners to complete complex transactions and receive valuable partnerships.
  • Meeting with useful people from influential circles.
  • You will find what to implement by sales managers for them to become more effective.
You will develop the negotiation skills to complete complex transactions and receive valuable partnerships. You will get the experience of verbal impact.

Leaders and business leaders who want to enrich the management tools.

  • You will learn the algorithms of the system analysis of your life and business tasks.
  • You will obtain working tools for resolving conflict situations.

Sales / negotiation professionals who want to be more convincing and influential.
  • You will understand the powerful technologies of communication and leading negotiations in practice.
  • You will obtain the skills for conducting complex negotiations.
  • You will learn how to train a sales department in your company.
  • You will get instructions on writing scripts, as well as ways of influencing your team members.

Business trainers and coaches, who want to learn the new technologies of teaching and development.
  • You will obtain effective algorithms for working with goals and strategies to achieve and implement them.
  • We will teach you the skills of managing your our own emotions and states and the other people's ones.

Psychologists, who are aimed at expanding their own capabilities and skills in their work with clients.
  • You will implement basic and the newest techniques for human teaching.
To all people who want to improve their relationships with relatives and friends:
  • You will learn the ways of discarding unhealthy habits and implementation of the useful ones.
  • We will teach you the techniques for resolving the personal dilemmas and inner contradictions.

Important information:
The organizer of the training: MalikSpace
Dates: October 24 - November 4, 2018. From 10:00 till 18:00, every day.
Location: Kazakhstan, Astana, Comfort Hotel 4*

Participants are certified by "META International Inc.", which was founded in California in 1973 by Frank Pucelik, as the first authorized certification organization for NLP trainings at all levels.

For additional information or registration you can contact us
by phone (Ukraine)
+38 (050) 390 44 00
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