NLP Practitioner Training
in Kyiv, Ukraine

November 6 - 17, 2019

For early registration you can contact us.
or by phone: +38 (050) 390 44 00

NLP is a combination of the latest methods and technologies of practical psychology for personal and professional development. This course is a unique opportunity to get valuable knowledge and skills directly from one of the founders of NLP - Frank Pucelik.

For whom?
  • for businessmen, top managers, sales managers, HR managers, and all levels managers;
  • for practicing coaches, trainers, psychologists;
  • for public figures, speakers, journalists;
  • for attentive and loving parents;
  • for those who chose the path of constant development and improvement;
  • for those who want to understand themselves;
  • for those who want to rule their life and efficiency.
On the training by Frank Pucelik you:
  • get the original tools and skills, not their "copies";
  • learn from a person who is himself an ideal object for modeling;
  • easily apply every learned skill at the training, because learning from Frank Pucelik is aimed at the maximum simplicity of performance and productivity;
  • you will not just really expand your inner boundaries: your perception of the world, patterns of your behavior, your habits, your values, skills, and abilities. You will learn how to independently resolve any questions and find ways to achieve your goals;
Important information:
Time: Starting at 10:00 till 18:00, every day.
Place: Kyiv, Ukraine.
Training languages: Russian, English (with Russian translation).

Participants will intensively practice in pairs and groups, individually with trainer-assistant and during the demonstrations with Frank Pucelik.

Each participant is provided with:
  1. Educational-methodical material;
  2. Participation certificate

After the training, participants are certified by META International Inc, founded in California in 1973 as the first authorized certification organization for NLP training of all levels.

For additional information or registration you can contact us

Phone: +38 (050) 390 44 00