NLP Modelling Workshop, May 30 - June 1, 2018, Putrajaya, Malaysia
Since we do not interact with the world we are living in directly, we create its models or pictures. We use models to direct our behavior to accomplish the goals we set.
The person creates his model of the world thanks to universal processes of human modeling (learning). These processes help us survive, develop, learn, understand and experience the riches of the surrounding world. But, if we mix our own idea (picture of the world) with actual reality (territory), then these very processes start to limit us and create barriers to our effectiveness.

Frank Pucelik led the original modeling system developed by the NLP team. Together with John Grinder , Richard Bandler and 14 other people he built, tested, verified, taught to the world the system on NLP modeling.
Workshop Objectives :

  • to discover, how this NLP field was developed from the very beginning;
  • to define how today's approaches differ from what was done during the first years;
  • to discover case histories;
  • to practice skills of original NLP modelling:

  1. Calibration
  2. Complex equivalences
  3. Meta Model
  4. Representational systems
  5. Systematic use of negation
  6. Major Beliefs

Important information:

  • Organizer: EMR Academy
  • Date: May 29 - June 1, 2018
  • Place: Putrajaya, Malaysia
  • Language: English

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Phone (Ukraine): +38 (050) 390 44 00